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Active Listening Lesson Plan and Printables for K-2

Active Listening Lesson Plan and Printables for K-2

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Early in student’s educational careers teaching Active listening enables them to better synthesize information, form deeper connections, and ask questions to gain understanding. 

In this lesson plan students will: 

Learn about facets of active listening 

Learn what an active listener does and does not do

Practice their own active listening in pairs

Discuss best practices for Active listening whole group

Use their own active listening skills in an activity

Create a whole group anchor chart or whiteboard list of what they learned 

Whether this is a brand new concept or expanding on previous knowledge for your Lower EL students, this lesson plan will introduce or reinforce the skills needed to be an effective active listener. 

Included in this plan is: 


Guiding Questions

Lesson Plan

Materials List

Active Listening Story Script

Active Listening Worksheet 

Where this lesson could be used: 

Social Skills Whole Group 

Social Skills Small Group 

Low Prep Sub Plans

Listening comprehension activities 

PBIS lessons 

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