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Whole Body Listening Lesson Plan and Activities for K-2

Whole Body Listening Lesson Plan and Activities for K-2

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Prepare to explore the realm of active listening with a twist of fun! Gather your scenario page, body part cards, active listening self-portrait sheet, and some inspiring posters to boost motivation.

Before embarking on this exciting journey, ensure all your materials are printed and ready for an epic active listening experience! Just a friendly heads-up - some students may require minor adjustments. If someone finds it challenging to stay still or quiet due to reasons beyond their control, no problem! Simply modify the goals to accommodate their needs. Let's make this learning adventure enjoyable for everyone!

What is Whole Body Listening?
Whole Body Listening is a concept that encourages using all parts of the body to focus and actively participate in communication. It trains students to listen not only with their ears but also with their eyes, hands, feet, and heart. By practicing whole body listening, students can better grasp verbal and nonverbal cues, demonstrate respect for the speaker, and exhibit attentive behavior.

Why teach it?
Teaching whole-body listening is crucial as it aids in developing vital social skills, enhancing the ability to follow instructions, and refining overall communication skills. Through consistent practice, students can grow to be more empathetic, attentive, and proficient communicators, essential attributes for success in academic and personal relationships.

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