Teacher Morale Game "Would You Rather - Educator Edition"

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These staff morale boosters include a teacher morale game, fun teacher awards, and posters for teacher announcements. The game includes 30 custom silly question cards that only a teacher would understand. Easy to print and ready to spice up faculty meetings and improve teacher morale. Use these activities to ease stress and take a break from professional development. These can be used for the beginning, middle, or end of the year for stress relief. These are also great for Random Acts of Kindness week in February.

(This is part of the "Faculty Morale Bundle" in my bundles category, so be careful not to purchase it twice.




Fun Awards

☀"Positive Attitude Award"

☀"Creative Lessons Award"

☀"School Spirit Award"

☀DIY templates

(examples could be "Most Likely to Volunteer," "Yes Man," "Least Likely to Retire")


Fun posters

☀"Faculty Meeting Today"

☀"Jeans Day Tomorrow"

☀"Hey Teacher, You deserve a jeans day"

☀"Welcome Back"

☀"Our Teachers Rock"

☀"Would You Rather...Discuss data and take notes? or Play a game and earn a jeans day?"


Would You Rather game (a few examples)


Eat the school lunch every day for every meal during the week


❓Ride the school bus with your students to and from work every day

Eat a meal from your favorite restaurant every day at the lunch table with your students all year


❓Have crackers and water in a quiet place at school every day


Ink friendlier version also included.


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