Social Emotional Learning Workbook for Elementary and Lower Middle School (digital file only)

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This workbook is packed with interactive, engaging information focusing on 25 important social & emotional learning skills. You can use them all year for your individual, small group, classroom lessons and parental support needs. Choose to print them as individual double sided worksheets or have them bound into workbooks to give to each student.

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Students will gain the coping techniques needed to manage the 5 components of SEL skills such as

1. Self-Awareness
2. Self-Management
3. Social Awareness
4. Relationship Skills
5. Responsible Decision-Making

Social and Emotional Skills included with 2 pages per topic:

❤️Anxiety / Worry



❤️Growth Mindset





❤️Test Prep

❤️SMART Goals

❤️Personal Hygiene




❤️Coping Skills


❤️Giving an Apology


❤️Good Choices for a Healthy Life


❤️Breathing Strategies

❤️Automatic Negative Thoughts

❤️Social Skills




 The teen version of this workbook has a few additional topics such as the teen brain, mindfulness for teens and teen depression. (All other topics are very similar, but with less cutesy clipart.) 

*This is a digital download.  You will receive a digital file after purchase.  This is not a printed product.