Small Group on Worry for Elementary Students

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This six week unit includes interactive lessons for helping students cope with worry. The worry bug theme is fun and helps break the ice for students who are hesitant to talk about their anxiety and stress.

Objectives: Students will be able to identify their feelings and that everyone experiences feelings of worry. Students will understand the definition of worry and anxiety. They will identify some common body responses when feeling worried. Students will be able to choose an appropriate coping strategy to deal with their worry and know when and how to ask for help.

Session Overview:
Session 1: Welcome + What is Worry? (pre-test)

Students will get to know the counselor and the other group members and establish group rules. Students will understand what the objective of your time together will be. They will be able to define worry and notice if they have worried feelings.

Session 2: Everyone Worries + Signs of Worry

Students will be able to recognize that everyone feels worry from time to time. Students will be able to notice signs of worry.

Session 3: What We Can Control + Bigger than Reality

Students will be able to decide if a situation is something they can control or not. They will be able to determine if an anxious feeling can be avoided by thinking about what might really happen and then make a plan for small steps that will give them the knowledge they need to feel more comfortable.

Session 4: Coping with Worry + Flip the Thought

Students will be able to recognize their anxious feelings and then choose an appropriate coping strategy. Students will understand and be able to use the flip the thought strategy for managing anxious thoughts.

Session 5: Asking for Help + Coping Cootie Catcher

Students will be able to ask for help when they cannot calm down or there is a big problem they need help solving. Students will identify their favorite coping strategies for anxiety.

Session 6: Review and Termination (post test)

Students will be able to understand worried feelings better, identify a coping strategy, and calm themselves down. Students will be able to ask for help if needed. They will also be able to use the flipping the thought strategy to try and stop anxious feelings before they become stronger.