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The Counseling Teacher Brandy

Self-Esteem Small Group Counseling Unit Grades 3-5

Self-Esteem Small Group Counseling Unit Grades 3-5

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This six week kit includes parent forms, student forms, and engaging lessons for each week and much more. You can have a confidence building small group up and running with very little prep. I have done all of the work for you. Just pick your students and go with it! 

Students will be able to use positive body language and affirmations to boost confidence in any situation. Students will reflect on the habits of people with high self-esteem. They will also be able to reflect on and recognize their strengths.

Session 1: Welcome + What is Self-Esteem?

Session 2: Building a High Self-Esteem

Session 3: Other People’s Opinions of You

Session 4: Avoiding Comparison

Session 5: My Positive Affirmations

Session 6: Review and Termination

Lessons will take 30-45 minutes to complete.
•Parent permission slips for small group participation
•Group reminder notes for students and teachers
•Pre & Post Assessments for data collection
•Lesson plans for each session with warm-up, lesson, and reflection
•Lesson visuals and activities
•Bonus activities for warm-ups or early finishers



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