Printed Folded & Shipped Mega Pack 100 of each SEL brochure

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Shrink Wrapped into Packs of 50 (You get two packs or 100 pieces per topic for a total of 2,700 brochures. 

Ideal age range is 3rd-6th but can be used for 2nd-8th.

(Brochures only, holders not included. Comes shrink wrapped in packs of 50)

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Topics included

Anxiety / Worry:

  • Students learn coping skills for anxiety and worry.


  • Students will work on friendship skills and learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy friends.


  • Students will build their emotional intelligence by reviewing feelings vocabulary words and how they affect the body.

Growth Mindset:

  • Students will learn the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset and apply it to their own lives.


  • Students learn to reduce stress through the circle of control and other examples.


  • Students learn to build their confidence by finding their strengths and reviewing the habits of people with high self esteem.


  • Students work on anger management activities and review tips for coping skills for anger.


  • Students review ways to react, report and define bullying.

Test Prep:

  • Students learn coping skills for test anxiety and how to confidently prepare for upcoming tests including test-taking strategies.

SMART Goals:

  • Students create specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely goals and how to make goal setting a habit for their academic success.

Personal Hygiene:

  • Students review healthy hygiene habits including a list of helpful hygiene products for kids and tweens.


  • Students learn to navigate family changes and tips for using their voice to express their needs to others.


  • Students learn to face their emotions and work through the feelings associated with grief and loss.


  • Students work on celebrating differences and appreciating the things that make everyone unique through empathy-building activities.

Coping Skills:

  • Students work on coping skills for overwhelming feelings that can be used daily and throughout life.


  • Students learn to respect self, others and things/property.

Giving an Apology:

  • Students work on their apology skills with an easy to follow template.


  • Students learn the health benefits of gratitude and how to apply it to their daily life.

Good Choices for a Healthy Life:

  • Students assess their current choices and discover a long list of healthy life choices that they can begin to use in their daily life.


  • Students distinguish between playful and hurtful teasing.

Breathing Strategies:

  • Students practice easy to follow breathing strategies that they can use when they are angry, sad or overwhelmed.

Automatic Negative Thoughts:

  • Students define automatic negative thoughts and learn to use coping strategies and positive self-talk to challenge and overcome them.

Social Skills:

  • Students review basic social skills through scenarios and examples.

I-statements for conflict resolution:

  • Students learn how to manage conflict by using i-messages through role-play and example scenarios.


  • Students practice empathy building skills.

Confidence & "Comparison is the Thief of Joy":

  • Students work on self-confidence by learning to compare their own progress, rather than comparing to the progress of others.

Healthy Boundaries with Peers and Family:

  • Students learn to create boundaries that protect their mental health without hurting their relationships with others.