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Manners Lesson: Asking for Permission

Manners Lesson: Asking for Permission

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 If you're seeking a social-emotional lesson to foster improved behavior and social skills in students who require constant reminders to use their manners, look no further. Good manners and polite behavior are fundamental skills that students must acquire to achieve success in various aspects of their lives.

Learning Objective:

  • Demonstrate appropriate methods for requesting permission.

This detailed and engaging lesson plan features guiding questions, standards, is available in a printable format, and requires minimal preparation.

Included you will find:

Whole group discussion and brainstorming 

Scenario Cards for Role-Playing 

I Can Ask for Permission Worksheet 

Oral Reflection


Students will love talking about how body language, eye contact, personal space, and tone of voice all play into good manners! 


Ideas for use: 

Classroom manners discussion

Small group social skills work

PBIS assembly, with manners focus 

Writing lessons 

Manners activities 

In addition to your Social Emotional Learning Curriculum 

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