Inside and Out Emotions Quiz Show for 2nd-6th grade

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This interactive quiz show includes questions and answers for the most common emotions such as anger, sadness, happiness, and disgust. Students play together as a whole class or it can be used with small groups.

The five categories include:

Name That Feeling
(a clue is given and student guesses which emotion goes with that feeling)

Body Language
(students match an emotion to body language descriptions)

True or False

Healthy Coping
(students guess healthy responses to feelings)

(discussion points)

Use with or without the movie Inside Out to explore emotions.

IMPORTANT: To start the game, open the Powerpoint. Choose "View Slideshow" (otherwise it will seem like it is not working). Sadly there are a few low ratings because some didn't know how to open the file and start the game. My email address is included in the game if you need help opening it. You should be able to simply choose "Play slideshow" or "View Slideshow" and the game will begin.

A decorative advice poster is also included with tips for coping with emotions.