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Gratitude Craft, Journal & Bulletin Board

Gratitude Craft, Journal & Bulletin Board

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This Thanksgiving craft helps students and faculty see that their plates are overflowing with gratitude and blessings. Students choose a placemat and brainstorm people and things that they are thankful for in their lives. This is also a mindful activity, meant to calm students with mindful coloring. It can also be used as faculty morale booster. Put some placemats in the lounge for teachers to discover. Display them in the hallways, classrooms or teacher's lounge.

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Being thankful is a big part of practicing mindfulness. These fun fall activities guide students into digging deeper into gratitude by considering the 5 senses and how they enhance the act of being thankful. This calming activity is a fun way to kick off fall with a positive attitude.

4 Gratitude Placemat Designs with Zen elements
5 versions of "50 Reasons to be Thankful" posters
1 "Our Plates are Full" poster in B/W and color
1 "Plates Full of Thanks" poster in B/W and color
1 "We are Thankful" poster in B/W and color
1 "Give Thanks" poster in B/W and color
7 "Dunn" inspired dishes with thankul sayings (for decorating the walls next to student work)
4 Quote posters about gratitude
1 Mindful Gratitude worksheet
1 Weekly Gratitude Journal Template (to create a gratitude journal)
1 Gratitude Scavenger Hunt
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