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Friendship Small Group Activities for Upper Elementary

Friendship Small Group Activities for Upper Elementary

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This small group counseling unit includes six weeks of healthy friendship skills. Upper elementary and middle school students will use these friendship activities to reflect on the traits of a good friend. This kit contains everything you need to plan and implement a successful group. You can also use these ASCA-aligned activities for lunch bunch groups.

Session Overview:

Session 1: Welcome + What is a Friend?

Session 2: Healthy + Unhealthy Friendships

Session 3: Build a Healthy Friend

Session 4: Ways to Make + Keep Friends

Session 5: Practicing Friendship Skills

Session 6: Review and Termination

Each lesson should take around 30-45 minutes and includes the following:

• Parent permission slips
• Student/teacher reminder notes
• Pre & Post Assessments for data tracking (Use for 1st & last session.)
• Lesson plans for each session with warm-up, lesson, and reflection
• Lesson visuals and activities
• Bonus activities for warm-ups or early finishers

Students will be able to:
  • classify characteristics of healthy and unhealthy friendships and come up with reasoning to explain why.
  • identify characteristics of good friends
  • think about what they value in their friendships and what to look for when making new friends
  • identify various ways to meet new friends
  • identify character traits that help you keep friends over time
  • navigate various situations and problems that might arise when making or keeping friends
  • identify and maintain healthy friendships
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