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Executive Functioning Organizational Skills K-2

Executive Functioning Organizational Skills K-2

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Are your Lower EL students consistently reporting lost crayons, missing papers, misplaced coats, or a single boot? By the time Halloween approaches, and especially as Thanksgiving nears, most teachers anticipate students to grasp the routine, which includes being responsible for their belongings.

While some children may possess strong executive functioning skills, many students will require explicit instruction on organizational skills, how to manage their possessions, and how to maintain tidiness for easy retrieval. Despite seeming like a fundamental skill, we cannot assume that all students naturally possess it.

This lesson aims to prompt students to reflect on how their lives would be simpler when they look after their belongings, and conversely, how it becomes more challenging when they do not. Students will discuss situations at home and school that necessitate the use of these newfound organizational skills and how they can gradually become more organized and commit to maintaining order.

The lesson plan involves students sketching the same space in an orderly and disorganized manner, identifying which promotes a calm and productive environment. They will then complete an organizational chart through writing or drawing. Finally, they will pledge to keep four areas organized and neat. Additionally, the package includes posters that can be used in your classroom or office.

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