Digital School Counselor and Social Worker Planner

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This interactive digital planner for School Counselors, School Social Workers and School Psychologists starts with July 2021 and ends with June 2022.  Use in GoodNotes or other apps that accept interactive pdfs such as Notability, Xodo, Metamoji and others!


*New Planner Sticker Sheets added - 2 pages (interactive pdf file and a Goodnotes file)


(*Want the printable version with lifetime updates? Grab that one here:)

Counselor Planner with Lifetime Updates


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Printed Counselor Planner 2021-2022


This Planner Includes:


Front cover "I Can't Promise to Solve All Your Problems, But I Can Promise You Won't Have to Face Them Alone"

Your Title and Info Page

2 page spread of brainstorming on graph lines

Self Care Checklist

Mood Yearly Tracker

Important Contacts (unlimited # of pages if you insert duplicates)

Year Plan and Events

Yearly Goals (Monthly)

Password Keeper

12 "month at a glance" pages numbered for 2021-2022

42 "week at a glance" pages (with the 20 min intervals for easy time tracking on the weekly/daily view)

Incidents and events pages providing flexibility for tracking student visits, incidents or other important events.  (10 already inserted but you will have unlimited # of pages if you insert duplicates)

Notes Pages (unlimited # of pages if you insert duplicates)

Behavior Log (unlimited if you insert duplicate pages)

Small group planning sheet (unlimited if you insert duplicate pages)

ASCA lesson plan (unlimited if you insert duplicate pages)

Alternate Hourly Daily Planning Page (unlimited if you insert duplicate pages)



  • decorate special days and events with fun digital stickers
  • easily duplicate any forms to have as many as you need inside of your planner
  • click on any day on the month view to quickly hop over to the matching week view (week view includes the time intervals for easy tracking)


Please Note:

I use a Mac and Ipad to use these. I can help you if you have questions.... However, I will not have much advice for PC and android.


The included files are interactive pdfs with live clickable links. There is also a version for GoodNotes5. There are other apps you can use and open these files with but I'm not as familiar with Androids and PC's.