Deluxe School Counselor Planner 2022-2023 Printed and Shipped

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Limited Deluxe School Counselor Planner, printed on design quality paper and durable laminate covers and over 175 inner pages.

9" X 11"

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This planner starts with July 2022 and ends with June 2023

Use with gel pens, colored pencils, wet/erase markers and dry erase markers. 

Contents of Printed Planner:

Front cover "Planner 2022-2023"

Inside Cover: Thick laminate wet erase board with Daily Planning Page to plan every single day of the year!

Your Title and Info Page

Mental Health / Self Care Checklist

Mood Tracker for the year

Contacts Keeper

Password Keeper

Yearly Goals/Events

Monthly (with TABS for easy access)

  • 12 "month at a glance" pages

  • numbered for July 2022- June 2023



  • 53 "week at a glance" pages (included right after the corresponding monthly page - use tabs for easy access)

  • 15 min intervals for easy time tracking 

Contact Log Pages

Incidents and Events pages providing flexibility for tracking student visits, incidents or other important events.  

Notes Pages

Documents for Making Multiple Copies As Needed

  • Behavior Log

  • Small group planning sheet

  • ASCA lesson plan

  • Alternate Hourly Daily Planning Page

Inner Back Cover: Thick laminate wet erase notes

Back Cover: Dry erase laminated back cover for notes "on the go." (save paper!)

Includes a durable pocket for extra loose papers

TABS included for each month.