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Calm Down Corner Variety Kit with 7 themes

Calm Down Corner Variety Kit with 7 themes

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Keep your calm down corner fun and engaging by changing out the theme from time to time. This bundle includes 7 themed stations. Includes llamas, hedgehogs, monsters, sloths, woodland animals, Springtime bunnies and dreamcatchers.

Perfect for 2nd grade - 8th grade.

Students can regulate their emotions and refocus with these calm down activity kits. Any student can use these when they need to regulate anger, anxiety, or overwhelming feelings. By teaching students self regulation, you will cut down on the time you spend redirecting misbehavior. The calming kits include mood meters for assessing current emotional levels. After using the counseling activities, students assess their mood again to decide if they are ready to return to the group.


*** How to Create a Calm Down Corner with this Kit ***

Attach cover page to the front of a binder.

Place the colorful pages in sheet protectors and place them in a spiral binder. Students will be able to write on them over and over again.

Place the binder in a basket or box.

Add other fidgets and sensory items in the box.

Create a corner of the room with a comfy chair for using the box.

Use the enclosed poster to designate your calming area.

I would also suggest including a sand timer or other method of tracking time.

*** Who would benefit from this kit? ***

 Can be used by school counselors, classroom teachers, special education teachers, school psychologists, social workers, or any other educator who helps children with emotional regulation.


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