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Anger Management for Elementary K-2 Students

Anger Management for Elementary K-2 Students

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Do you find yourself dealing with dysregulated students in your classroom or school? Are you spending a great deal of instructional time trying to de-escalate student behavior and teach social-emotional skills? Whether you're introducing emotional skills for the first time or addressing a specific issue, this Anger Management lesson plan can provide valuable assistance.

This lesson plan focuses on developing students' ability to recognize and regulate their anger through a range of coping skills. The lesson is designed to take only 30-45 minutes to complete and requires minimal preparation time.

The lesson starts with a discussion of what anger means to the students and how their bodies react when they feel angry. The class can choose one of the "My Body When I'm Angry" worksheets to complete together.

Once students have a shared understanding of what anger means and how their bodies react to it, the lesson covers constructive solutions for managing angry feelings. The Coping Strategies poster is displayed and discussed, allowing students who are struggling to hear their classmates' perspectives. Students are encouraged to suggest additional coping strategies and to consider which strategies may be more effective for different individuals.

The "Stop, Think, Act" strategy, which helps individuals cool off when feeling angry, is introduced and reviewed. Students are asked to imagine themselves in a situation that made them angry and to follow these steps. The class completes a "Stop, Think, Act" reflection to apply the strategy to their own situations.

The lesson concludes by asking students to share their reflections and to consider what they might have done differently. By reflecting, discussing, and sharing their thoughts, students will be exposed to new ideas and coping strategies to help them regulate their emotions in a healthy way. This lesson is an invaluable tool for equipping students with the skills they need to succeed.

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