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The Counseling Teacher Brandy

40 week Growth Mindset & Mindfulness Journal Grades 1-3 (digital file only)

40 week Growth Mindset & Mindfulness Journal Grades 1-3 (digital file only)

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This journal is filled with growth mindset prompts and mindfulness for the entire year! It includes 40 weeks of daily/weekly calming bellringers for grades first - third. Each week has a two page spread covering these six essential topics: Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, Breathing Exercises, Gratitude, Good Will (Kindness), and Mood (feeling check-ins). All of the activities are created to help students become the best version of themselves while also having a calm, mindful moment before starting their day.

*This is a digital download.  You will receive a digital file after purchase.  This is not a printed product.

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Why do I need this?
Research shows that daily mindfulness, growth mindset, and gratitude journals have a positive impact on grades, mood, and attitude. It also cuts down on worry and anxiety in students. I wanted to bring all three of these together in one workbook to maximize those benefits.

First graders will need more modeling, help and guidance with this than 2nd and 3rd.

Before beginning this journey with your students, read over the key terms at the beginning of the workbook with them. Discuss the benefits of each. For even greater student buy-in, show some of the suggested videos by clicking on the links in your teacher instructions.

Counselor uses:
  • Print 2 page spreads as needed for individual or small group counseling.
  • Print as a workbook and use at the beginning of each classroom counseling lesson.
  • Print as a workbook and show teachers how to implement it as a bell ringer journal daily or weekly.

Print as a workbook for each student. Use at the beginning of the day or as a transition after recess or lunch for 5-10 minutes per day.

How to use the Workbook as a Bell Ringer Journal
Turn to the first week which will include a 2 page spread of tips, quotes, prompts, & mindful coloring. Turn on spa music and tell students to begin filling out the 2 pages. Give them between 5-10 minutes to work independently to music. (You may have to guide some students on the first day of each week.) When the music stops, it is time to put away the pages and put all eyes on the teacher.
⭐Tuesday - Friday
Students continue to begin each day spending 5-10 minutes completing the pages on their own.

Posters included for each of the Key Words:

Mood: Check in with your feelings each day.

Morning Breath: Each day, practice a breathing exercise.

Mindfulness: Find the calm moments in each day.

Growth Mindset: Be ready to practice and not give up.

Good Will: Show kindness and help others.

Gratitude: Be thankful and say thank you.
By getting a small dose of each of these concepts every week, your students will begin to learn how to self-regulate their emotions, become more resilient, have a more positive outlook on life and cope with life in a healthy way.

Privacy Office Folder Kit Included!
Decorate beautiful privacy folders to use during bell ringer time or anytime students need a break or to use during testing.

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