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The Counseling Teacher Brandy

Stress Management Lesson Plan and Activities

Stress Management Lesson Plan and Activities

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This resource empowers students to use coping strategies to manage stress. A detailed lesson plan walks you through each activity. The slideshow follows along with the activities and includes a powerpoint and google slides format so that you can choose how to show the materials.

This resource includes 30+ pages and activities:

  • Stress overview slideshow PPT file
  • Stress overview slideshow Google Slides
  • Lesson Plan with activities
  • Benefits Vs. Cons of Stress Worksheet
  • Stress and Mindset Flowchart Worksheet
  • Reframing Thoughts about Stress Worksheet
  • Pondering Positive Thoughts Activity Sheet
  • Taking Charge of Stress Activity Sheet
  • Lily Pad Grounding Activity Sheet
  • Safe Place Activity Sheet
  • Safe Place Drawing/Coloring Sheet
  • Stress Journaling
  • Dry Erase Booklet (8 pages plus a cover page)


ASCA Standard:

B-SMS 1. Responsibility for self and actions

B-SMS 7. Effective coping skills

B-SMS 2. Self-discipline and self-control

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