Self Care for Teachers with a Journal, Trackers, Challenges and Bulletin Board Kits

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Self care is one of the most essential parts of educator and student health. Known to reduce anxiety and avoid burn out, practicing intentional self-care is the best way to start the year off. This kit is filled with everything you need to get everyone on board with making plans to improve their mental, physical, emotional, relational, practical and spiritual self care components. The journal can be used with teachers and students in grades 5th and up.
*This is a digital file that you download and print on your own.  You will not receive a physical product in the mail.  If you are looking for the printed & shipped version click here

See a video preview of the journal:
This self care bundle for educators includes;

Self care bulletin board (50 ways)
Banner “50 Self Care Ideas for Teachers” full color version
Banner “50 Self Care Ideas for Teachers” B/W version
Self Care Speech Bubbles for Bulletin Board or hanging in the lounge
Self Care Bingo Cards (3)
Nurture Self Poster
Bingo Challenge Letters for Bulletin Boards

Self Care Journal

Self Care Journal Covers ”Create Your Own Sunshine” or
“Take Time to Make your Soul Happy”

•20 Self Care Quotes page
•Infographic - 6 components of self care
•Mental Self Care Inventory
•Physical Self Care Inventory
•Emotional Self Care Inventory
•Practical Self Care Inventory
•Relationship Self Care Inventory
•Spiritual Self Care Inventory
•Self Care Plan
•31 Day Self Care Assessment
•Yearly Mood Tracker
•My Support – Contacts Page
•Wellness Appointment Tracker for the Year
•Yearly Goal Planner
•SMART goal Planning Sheet
•Self Care Scavenger Hunt
•Growth Mindset Activity
•Circles of Support
•Circles of Control Infographic
•Circles of Control Facts
•Circles of Control Activity
•3O Day Water Challenge
•30 Day RAK Challenge
•Reading Bucket List
•Habit Tracker (Custom)
•Budget Planner
•7 Day Mindfulness Challenge
•Create a Mindful Moment
•Cozy Spot Checklist
•Mindful Coloring Page with the definition of self care.
•Breathing Page
•Body Scan Activity
•Rainbow Breathing
•Mindful Scavenger Hunt
•35 Day Meal Planner (7 pages)
•7 Day Food Log Diary (7 pages)
•7 Daily Planner for focused goal tracking (7 pages)
•30 Day Gratitude Challenge (16 pages)
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