Conflict Resolution Small Group Counseling Unit

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Students will be able to identify the emotions they are feeling and use calming strategies to calm down if necessary. They will be able to decide the size of the problem and determine whether they need help solving it. Students will be able to express feelings and filter thoughts as necessary. They will be able to listen to others actively and work together to find solutions. Finally, they will be able to let go and move on from conflicts.

Session Overview:
Session 1: Welcome + Understanding Emotions

Session 2: Calming Strategies + How Big is the Problem?

Session 3: Expressing Feelings and Filtering Thoughts

Session 4: Listening to Others

Session 5: Finding Solutions + Letting Go

Session 6: Review and Termination

There are 6 lessons in this unit along with a companion book list for further exploration or extension. Each lesson should take around 30-45 minutes and includes the following:
•Parent permission slip
•Student/teacher reminder notes
•Pre & Post Assessments for data tracking (Use for 1st & last session.)
•Lesson plans for each session with warm-up, lesson, and reflection
•Lesson visuals and activities
•Bonus activities for warm-ups or early finishers