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The Counseling Teacher Brandy

Anger Management Small Group Curriculum Grades 3rd - 7th

Anger Management Small Group Curriculum Grades 3rd - 7th

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Small Group Counseling Lessons should be engaging. This anger management group includes 6 weeks of interactive activities to help students self regulate and calm their angry feelings by understanding some of the other feelings that may be hiding behind the anger.


Students will be able to identify feelings and that everyone experiences feelings of anger. Students will also understand that feelings come and go. Students will understand the difference between anger and fear and some common body responses for each. Students will be able to choose an appropriate coping strategy to deal with their anger and know when to ask for help.

Session Overview:

Session 1: Welcome/ Everyone Gets Angry

Session 2: Anger vs. Fear

Session 3: Signs of Anger and What We Can Control

Session 4: Coping with Anger

Session 5: Asking For Help

Session 6: Review and Termination

There are 6 lessons in this unit along with a companion book list for further exploration or extension. Each lesson should take around 30-45 minutes and includes the following:

•Parent permission slip

•Student/teacher reminder notes

•Pre & Post Assessments for data tracking (Use for 1st & last session.)

•Lesson plans for each session with warm-up, lesson, and reflection

•Lesson visuals and activities

•Bonus activities for warm-ups or early finishers


****** This is a digital download, NOT a physical product.

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