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The Counseling Teacher Brandy

Sammy Sloth's Unhelpful Thoughts Paperback Book Printed Paperback

Sammy Sloth's Unhelpful Thoughts Paperback Book Printed Paperback

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Sammy Sloth’s Unhelpful Thoughts was inspired by the author’s experience as a school counselor, demonstrating first hand the need for a book which introduces pre-teens to the idea of examining and filtering their own thought patterns. Drawing on some of the most common cognitive distortions, this story discusses these ways of thinking without being didactic; rather, in a clear, colorful and accessible way. With humorous characters and beautiful illustrations, this is a charming tale with an important and memorable message for its young audience.

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About the booK:

Sammy Sloth worries that he’s too slow and not smart enough. He constantly compares himself to all of his jungle friends: Cheetah is a better runner, Elephant never forgets anything and Hyena is always laughing at him. The little sloth feels that life is unfair and that he’s the worst at everything.

One day Sammy visits Dr. Wise, who performs an X-Ray on his patient’s unhelpful thoughts. The doctor shows Sammy how emotions don’t always tell the truth and that his thoughts can sometimes play tricks on him.

The sloth soon learns how to recognize the thoughts that make him feel afraid, guilty and disappointed, starting instead to see the positive in every situation. Then, when disaster strikes Dr. Wise’s clinic, Sammy discovers he may just be the strongest of all his jungle friends.

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