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This is the printed version of the Social and Emotional workbook.  It is packed with interactive, engaging information focusing on 25 important social & emotional learning skills. You can use them all year for your individual, small group, classroom lessons and parental support needs. 

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Students will gain the coping techniques needed to manage the 5 components of SEL skills such as

1. Self-Awareness
2. Self-Management
3. Social Awareness
4. Relationship Skills
5. Responsible Decision-Making

Social and Emotional Skills included with 2 pages per topic: 

❤️Anxiety / Worry



❤️Growth Mindset





❤️Test Prep

❤️SMART Goals

❤️Personal Hygiene




❤️Coping Skills


❤️Giving an Apology


❤️Good Choices for a Healthy Life


❤️Breathing Strategies

❤️Automatic Negative Thoughts

❤️Social Skills




The teen version of this workbook has a few additional topics such as the teen brain, mindfulness for teens and teen depression. (All other topics are very similar, but with less cutesy clipart.) .