Personal Hygiene Resources

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Whether you are a health teacher, school counselor, teacher, or other specialist, having these personal hygiene resources on hand are helpful to keep your school fresh and clean. This is a fun way to discuss a touchy subject. The presentation, worksheets, game and crafts bring attention to healthy hygiene habits without making anyone feel singled out.

Grades 3-8th, also helpful for young adults needing life skills training in special education classes.

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Includes these products 

Personal Hygiene Presentation

 Hygiene reminders are a necessary part of the education process. Students need reminders of these useful hygiene tips to stay fresh and clean. This presentation can be used as a small group lesson or as a whole group presentation.

Hygiene Board Game

Students will have fun while learning some very useful hygiene tips to stay fresh and clean. Hygiene is a touchy subject, so using humor can help attack this serious subject with ease. This can be used as a small group lesson or as a folder game tucked away in a center for any time of year.


Game Board

32 Situation Cards

4 Game pieces

Printable/foldable die

Instruction Card

Suggestions Sheet

Cover Page for Center Game


Hygiene Cootie Catchers

These zen designed cootie catchers will keep students engaged and calm while also reminding them of good hygiene practices. Perfect for early finishers. They can also be used as a small group or whole group craftivity. While good hygiene will help with social skills, it is also important for student health.

There are two designs with 6 zen backgrounds, for a total of 12 unique cootie catchers.

16 Funk Busters remind students to:

Brush teeth twice a day & floss.

Use deodorant daily.

Don’t forget the “stink zones” when you wash.

Bathe daily and use the soap!

Wash hands after going to the restroom.

Wash sheets weekly or twice a month.

Wear clean clothes daily (jackets need frequent washing too).

Clean under your nails and keep them trimmed.

Count to 20 when washing hands!

Don’t forget to floss.

Don’t choose clothes from piles on the floor.

Always shower after exercise or sweating.

Socks collect oils & bacteria. Wash after every use.

If somebody offers you a mint, take it.

Water alone will not clear the body from odor. #soap

*You may not be able to smell yourself when you stink. (Don't rely on the sniff test!)