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Coping Skills Friendship Bundle Girls Groups

Coping Skills Friendship Bundle Girls Groups

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This bundle includes everything a girl needs to feel empowered and confident to face the critical, formative years. Although every girl would benefit from these products, it will also be helpful for girls who need help with self esteem, social skills, behavior management, anorexia, cutting, suicidal ideation, mindfulness, stress management and bullying. Games, flip books, powerpoints, worksheets, coloring zen pages and other fun activities engage girls in small groups or whole class lessons.

*This is a digital download.  You will receive a digital file after purchase.  This is not a printed product.


This editable friendship quiz show is a fun way to figure out the difference between a true friend and a frenemy. Five categories of questions.

Need help reducing classroom drama? This friendship pack includes activities to help girls distinguish between true friends and frenemies. Teachers and Counselors can use these activities to reduce classroom drama and promote healthy friendships.
Role Play Activities
The Friendship Scale
Behavior Matching
Frenemy Qualities Charts
Colorful Wall Posters
and more…
BONUS! Now includes a new editable version of some of the pages.

Girls will feel empowered with this calming zen activity that helps them distinguish between things that they can control and those that they cannot control. They will learn to "color outside of the line of control" while practicing "letting go" of things they cannot control. Once they learn to refocus on the things that they can control, they will feel more overall self-control. The focus of this craft is to develop a positive mindset about life and to learn to let go of things that are not worth worrying over. This craft is very useful for helping students who suffer with anxiety and anger.
9 faces (girls with crowns)
4 zen circle designs
Tip Sheet for feeling in control
Quote Poster 1:
“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't.”
Quote Poster 2:
“You must learn to let go.
Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.”
Poster 3:
Examples of things you may worry about including some that you cannot control.

The object of this game is to distinguish between fixed and growth mindset statements. 24 Dominoes are included in this game. Game pieces will be large and best played on the floor or large table. (Can be scaled down if you want smaller pieces)
Three inspirational positive quote posters are also included.

Increasing Self Esteem increases academic achievement. This lesson includes activities and printables. Use for small group or whole group lessons. For Teachers or Counselors. I use it for a girls' group but could work with an entire class. It works well with character education programs.
22 page interactive Powerpoint Presentation
22 page printable PDF file of the Presentation
3 Wall Posters
Mirror Mirror Activity and Worksheet
ME Activity and Worksheet
Partner Role Play - Body Language Activity and Worksheet

This self-esteem activity pack includes a positive affirmations themed coloring book and a daily happies journal. Students will color positive advice in the coloring book while practicing mindfulness. The Journal of Happies is a daily calendar with prompts to track daily positive thoughts.

Students will reduce stress & anxiety by following the tips in this flip book activity. Five techniques are covered in the book including Quiet Activities, Mindful Breathing, Force (exertion), Exercise and Positive Thinking. Coloring the book is half the fun and also a great stress management tool!

This ready to go activity teaches students the important qualities of a good friend. Geared towards girls, this is a great small group activity. Coloring the book is half the fun and also a great stress management tool!
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